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Bespoke lab design

In a world of rapidly advancing technologies and the ever increasing in-depth studies of physics, medicine, biology, metallurgy and the like, the demands placed on laboratories are progressively more stringent. In this new scientific paradigm, specialised lab design is becoming a top priority.

 What are the advantages of using a laboratory specialist when designing and […]

Lab Management: Best Practices led to Best Results

Good laboratories are at the heart of ground breaking research, and good laboratory management is the lifeblood of quality science. It should come as no surprise that the most successful centres of industrial and scientific research are those that enjoy solid leadership. The latter comes about by not merely promoting talented bench researchers to positions […]

Specialists Herald the New Era in Lab Construction and Renovation

As in any construction or renovation project, the success of the endeavour does not whittle down to a single individual; instead, it is the hard and considered work of an entire team that delineates the project’s outcomes. With this said, however, a lab design and construction specialist that thoroughly understands your needs and wants will […]