Bespoke lab design

In a world of rapidly advancing technologies and the ever increasing in-depth studies of physics, medicine, biology, metallurgy and the like, the demands placed on laboratories are progressively more stringent. In this new scientific paradigm, specialised lab design is becoming a top priority.

What are the advantages of using a laboratory specialist when designing and building a modern lab that meets the needs of technicians, students and scientists?

In short, the simple answer is that you receive a quality facility that takes your specific needs and wants into consideration, and answers them with eminent consultation, design, construction and on-going maintenance. The solution to your needs is completely tailored, down to the very last detail. Whereas general designers may offer inadequate designs and construction, a specialist like Beryl Labs has a deep understanding of lab dynamics, procedures and other cost effective considerations.

Laboratory Projects can no longer be left to general contractors, as each lab requires a thorough investigation into layout considerations, equipment demands, and high quality products that have a long lifespan. The longer lifespan and increased efficiency of labs produced by specialists effectively off-sets higher initial costs when compared to non-specialists.

We estimate that an astounding 70% of the labs in South Africa are being built by non-specialist kitchen companies and shop-fitters.
The renovation cycle of labs in South Africa are 20-30 years, often longer. Specialists maximize the investment over the 20-30 year period. Therefore, it’s a long-term investment.

The disadvantages of using a non-specialist are well documented by researchers, and can result in decreased productivity, safety hazards and a need to continually updated obsolete laboratories. Safety alone is a top-priority for lab managers, and any non-specialist designed lab may not take the precautions in ensuring a safe and well-run facility. Simply put, a kitchen designer may well not understand the basic principles and issues pertinent to expert requirements that are demanded from the scientific community.

Beryl Laboratory Solutions are specialists that offer completely bespoke laboratories for those in search of lab facilities that ultimately increase productivity, safety, and return on investment.