Specialists Herald the New Era in Lab Construction and Renovation

As in any construction or renovation project, the success of the endeavour does not whittle down to a single individual; instead, it is the hard and considered work of an entire team that delineates the project’s outcomes.

With this said, however, a lab design and construction specialist that thoroughly understands your needs and wants will cut through many of the issues that arise when a project relies on the knowledge of a disparate group of individuals functioning together. It is quite typical in the industry for a project to be executed based on the input of varying teams that each play a part in the process of construction and renovation. A hypothetical example may be described thus: an administrative body will identify the need for new labs or an existing lab to be updated, and professional services (an architect and engineer) will be approached.

An experienced lab manager will then provide a brief from which to work, and the professional team will remain in constant communication with the manager, both in the design phase and in the construction phase. A weakness may arise here: due to a lack of communication or even miscommunication, a variety of problems could emerge which incur extra costs and time. Using a laboratory design and construction specialist will certainly avoid these types of disruptions, as a specialist is already well acquainted with the myriad of lab processes and needs, and can, from the outset, pre-empt possible problems and act accordingly.

A specialist is knowledgeable about machinery and instrumentation, the appropriateness and cost of materials, human habits within a lab, and best in class practices (to ensure optimal lab performance). This is to say that a lab specialist is empowered in understanding the “big picture” for the lab, as well as in understanding the finer nuances of the problems posed by a project that requires considerable technical knowledge and expertise.

In moving forward, let’s set up a new hypothetical: lab construction work that includes a specialist company that will see the project through from the very outset to long term maintenance. In this example, an admin body will once again identify the need for new development or renovation. The body will approach the specialist, and the specialist, in concert with an experienced lab manager, will develop a strong and detailed brief together. The more comprehensive the brief, the better the initial design work. It is important to note that a specialist already has a very clear idea as to what information they will need from the lab manager.

Even at this initial stage, a complete plan will emerge; not only in terms of lab planning and detailing, but also in terms of a project management schedule. This schedule is of vital importance as it defines costs and time periods, as well as detailing the disruption to lab functioning should the project be a renovation that takes place while the lab/other labs keep working. Which hypothetical scenario would you prefer to work with? Our guess is that the second holds much greater certainty that the project will encounter fewer unseen problems, run more smoothly, and come in on budget and on time. Simply put, it is much more likely to produce a lab of superior quality.

Beryl Labs is the perfect partner for your laboratory construction needs, and our experience is a guarantee that your lab will have the cutting edge advantage.