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The Economics of Lab Design – 7 Things You Need to Know

It’s not every day that scientists, teachers, academics and commercial researchers get the great news that new funds are coming their way. Or better yet, that the building of a new lab or a complete renovation of an existing facility has been approved. Unfortunately, once the elation has worn off, the real work begins – […]

From inception to maintenance – How to plan realistic timelines for your new or renovated lab

“Rome,” as the saying goes, “wasn’t built in day.” And, unfortunately, nor are specialised and sophisticated labs. This may seem completely self-evident at first; but, in our experience, there are instances in which a client, however well-informed, will not have formulated realistic timelines regarding the different phases of a project’s development. The consequences of overlooking […]

A Vote of No Confidence for Unsafe Lab Furniture and Careless Practices

Well-functioning labs are powerful engines that drive the production of scientific knowledge: good laboratories, that is, provide the necessary tools for thoroughgoing and rigorous research. Moreover, as vitally important learning spaces, labs grow and nurture future generations of researchers. Unfortunately, a vibrant research culture that encourages curiosity is not enough to establish and maintain a […]

5 Safety Principles to Keep in Mind when Building a Lab

There are myriad considerations that should receive due attention when designing or refurbishing a lab, all of which are necessary if your lab is to function efficiently and achieve the best results. Whereas workflow, proper equipment and instrument knowledge, and flexibility are fundamental, one element that should be placed under the microscope right from the […]

4 Pre-Design Considerations to Help Your New Lab Get Off on the Right Foot

Investing sizeable sums in lab infrastructure that is expected to yield value for years to come is a considerable undertaking, so it is imperative that you thoroughly examine certain fundamentals before the design process begins in earnest. Having dealt with an extensive variety of budgets, lab types and objectives, we’ve identified 4 primary considerations that […]

In Case You Missed It! 2nd Edition

Here are some great articles we’ve been sharing online lately. If you haven’t subscribed to our social media channels yet, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. These are some articles that have been going around the Beryl Labs offices. We found them very interesting and we hope you do too. Please enjoy our […]

Top 5 Reasons to Demand Modularity in your New Lab

Modernist architect, Louis Sullivan, coined the well-known and oft repeated phrase, “form follows function”. Certainly a fundamental principle of most design categories; but it is especially true in an environment where specialisation of tasks and workflow efficiency is paramount. In other words, function is of utmost importance in the laboratory space. But what happens when […]

SA Schools Have Reached a Crisis Point

SA Schools Have Reached a Crisis Point – But a Lack of Access to Quality Labs is an Obstacle that can be Overcome Beryl Labs is proud to be in laboratory building industry; the research and teaching that occurs in a properly resourced facility directly contributes, in a myriad of ways, to the betterment of […]